All About Golden Essence Hair

About ME

Gold is a creative unisex Afro Caribbean, European, Asian hairdresser in Kent based hair stylist with over 20 years experience in hairdressing. Her passion for hair began at the tender age of ten where she started out experimenting with brave friends and family members to surprising effects. From there, the gift progressed enormously as Gold went on to undertake professional training in 2000 at the Xtension Masters salon in London. Under the guidance of Tai Arogundade, the UK’s leading weave specialist, Gold became exposed to the secret of micro weaving and has since added this to her specialist areas of cornrows, braids and general styling for both Afro Caribbean, European and Asian hair.

After a spell offering freelance hair services from home, Gold – a firm believer in skill development and lifelong learning – enrolled at the South Thames College in Wandsworth, South London where she gained her Level 1 certificate in hairdressing. This was followed by a job at the prestigious Burnett Forbes Salon in Central London as a stylist and then further studies at the College of North East London (CONEL) to gain Level 2 and 3 NVQ qualifications in hairdressing and in barbering. Few years on, she landed a job as a Master Hair Stylist at Andrew Jose salon, also in Central London.

Gold has worked with hundreds of clients to create personal and unique hairstyles for everyday wear and for special occasions including birthdays, anniversaries and weddings. Today, Gold is a proud owner of her own Asian, European and Afro hair salon, which she opened in October 2016, based in Kent.

“Nothing else gives me as much pleasure or gets my creative juices flowing as much as making people look great through a personalised hairstyle!” ~ Gold